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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  September 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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no republican has won the white house without it, and bad news for mitt romney: it's tilting toward president obama. but mitt isn't having it, trying to get ohio voters to the right by focusing on the economy. >> with incomes going down, every year, every year going down, down, down. prices of electricity up and health insurance up and the cost of gasoline, having doubled, these are tough times. even for families with jobs. i know what it takes to get this economy going again. cheryl: so what would a tax plan under a romney/ryan administration look like? rich edson breaks it down for us. rich? >> reporter: well, cheryl, democrats call it a giveaway to the rich at the expense of the middle class. republicans say they're wrong, and this morning governor romney defended his tax plan. >> by the way, don't be expecting a huge cut in taxes because i'm also going to lower deductions and exemptions. by bringing rates down, we'll be able to let small businesses keep more of
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their money to hire more people. >> in the end the details are really up to congress. romney's proposed cutting every tax rate by 20%. to insure the treasury department takes in about the same amount of money under a new system, romney is proposing cure curbing and eliminating tax deductions. the problem? the campaign refuses to say which deductions and how much they will cut. campaign firms say that is up to congress. as more the most popular and expensive deductions congress may consider curbing cost of health care plans, interest on home mortgages, retirement plans, deductions for state and local taxes and given to charity. any revenue neutral tax reform is stated goal, some families and businesses would pay more because there would be fewer deductions. others would pay less with lower rates. again all depends what congress does with this. cheryl? cheryl: rich edson, thank you very much. romney is facing an uphill battle in ohio. a new poll showing president
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obama has a 10 point lead in the buckeye state. but is he having better luck on the national stage? let's ask scott rasmussen, founder and president of rasmussen reports. let me ask you this, where do you think, scott, the tide really turned here for mitt romney, because your polling two months ago showed us that mitt romney was actually doing well on the issue of the economy. what happened? >> well, first of all, the race hasn't changed as much as the current hike suggests. it has tilted a little bit against mitt romney. we're still showing it tied nationally at 46%, romney is down by a point in ohio. that's not great news for him, but it's not a sea change in the race. what's happened? people are feeling better about the economy. consumer confidence is up, and people have not been convinced that mitt romney would be any better than barack obama. cheryl: but you know what, scott? 60% of americans right now believe that we're in a recession still. i mean, maybe we're not technically in one, but
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americans still feel that way. explain to me the numbers behind this. >> well, 60% say we're still in a recession, that's not a great number. it was over 70% a couple of years ago, so the trend is moving a little bit better. the number of people who say the economy will be stronger in a year is 36% now, that's up a little bit from earlier in the year. so we're seeing maybe not good economic news or good economic reception, but people are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. and, again, it comes back to a comparison. people don't think they're better off than they were four years ago, they don't think they're worse off. only a third think things will get better if barack obama is reelected, but only 36% think the economy will be stronger with mitt romney in office, so he hasn't convinced people that he has something better to offer. cheryl: let's talk about a couple of things. real clear politics, also, is basically is saying that the president has a 3.7% lead over mitt romney.
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at the same time, the romney campaign, scott, is coming out and saying that these polls are flat out wrong, that they're skewed because the data that's being looked at is the 2008 breakdown of likely voters, not 2012. how do you respond to that yourself in your polls, sir? >> well, first off, just like the green bay packers and seattle seahawks look at that last play differently, campaigns complain about every poll that doesn't go their way. that's just part of the process. and what we know, also, is that late september polls are volatile. the numbers between late september and the actual campaign results have shifted by about three points in each of the last couple of elections, and they tend to go against the incumbent administration. yes, there are questions about turnout. we expect to see a higher turnout among seniors, a slightly higher turnout among white voters, perhaps slightly higher among latinos, but most importantly we expect there will
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be fewer democrats relative to republicans in 2012 than there were in 2008. cheryl: scott, let's stay on this demographic issue because back in 2008 the turnout was actually higher for african-americans, obviously, most of them going for president obama. at the same time, normally that turnout number is about 11%. is it your sense in the numbers that you're seeing and tracking that we're going to see more of that realistic 11 percentile of african-american voters turning out this election? >> i believe the african-american turnout itself will be just about the same as it was in 2008. however, i believe the white turnout will be a little bit higher. there were a lot of seniors who were very discouraged with the choices last time around, so i believe we'll see white turnout a little higher, maybe the african-american number down to 12% or perhaps 1%, but i not -- 11%, but not a substantial change. latino voters may be down a point or two. cheryl: we're going to see the
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first presidential debate a week away, scott. i'm curious, because you're sampling so many different folks on so many different issues, what do you think mitt romney needs to come out with swinging as a topic, as a headline in that debate to get the polls back in his favor? >> he needs to come out with something that shows he gets i. i -- it. ronald reagan was good at that, newt gingrich was good at turning the tables on questions this primary season. mitt romney would like to have some of that. that's not really his strong suit. the second best thing for mitt romney would be a major gaffe by president obama, so perhaps mitt romney could goad the president a little bit into some comments about small business other thans or something else. owners or something else. because the race is close enough that any change could have an impact. but, cheryl, historically debates have not moved the numbers all that much. four years ago when barack obama debated john mccain, mccain was down by five points when he
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went into his debate, and when he came out of the debate, he was down by six points. virtually no change. i think events on the ground, perceptions of the economy, economic news, perhaps things from the middle east still could have a bigger impact than these debates. cheryl: scott rasmussen, it's fascinating to see what your numbers are showing us, and they have been changing over the last several weeks. scott, thank you. >> thank you, cheryl. cheryl: well, still to come, everyone, ann coulter is going to be joining me with a look at her new book, "mugged." and coming up next, getting criticized from the inside. william isaac is going to tell us how washington failed america during the massive financial crisis.
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cheryl: it's been nearly five years since the start of the nation's financial crisis, but has anything really changed? my next guest says he is deeply concerned about the fiscal and economic crises facing our nation, and he says new leadership is what it's going to take to get the country moving in the right direction. joining me now, william isaac, author of the newly-released paperback: "senseless panic." i want to talk to you about this book by sheila bair, she really went straight at the treasury secretary geithner, i've got to get your reaction. >> well, first of all, i haven't read her book yet, but i don't want doubt that she went straight at him because they didn't get along very well when she was chairman of the fdic and he was secretary of the treasury. so, and before that he was president of the new york fed, and i think they fought quite a bit. so it doesn't surprise me she went after him in the book. cheryl: william, you were the chairman of the fdic back in the
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early '90s, but, you know, you fault treasury -- you're very specific -- you fault treasury with a lot of the nation's problems saying the bush and obama administrations was wrongly put, faith was wrongly put on geithner himself. why that take from you at this point? >> well, i think that the whole crisis was bungled badly, and that's really what the book that i wrote is about. that's why it's titled "how washington failed america." washington failed america, first, by allowing this crisis to develop. we had very wrong-headed policies over the previous decade or so that regulatory policies that allowed this situation to develop. and then once the crisis hit, the crisis was terribly mishandled by the treasury. treasury shouldn't be in charge of crisis management in the financial system because it is a highly political agency, and they're not skilled at it. one reason we kept the crisis under control in the 1980s is
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that the federal reserve, an independent agency, and the fdic, an independent agency, apolitical, handled the crisis, and we didn't have a lot of involvement from treasury. cheryl: you know, one of the things that we heard from hank paulson, basically -- because he, himself, of course wrote a book after he was there under the bush administration -- paulson himself said that he was surprised by the financial crisis that hit back in 2008. i mean, why would he be surprised when we had, in particular, home values that were so inflated? >> that's the $64,000 question or $64 trillion, whatever numbers we're using now. cheryl: yeah. >> you know, there were portions of this book that really were hard to understand, that he was surprised that the commercial paper market shut down, he was surprised that the money market funds had trouble, he was surprised that citigroup was on the edge. everything seemed to surprise
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him. and they sort of went from crisis to crisis with ad hoc solutions, and people lost confidence that the government knew what it was doing. they let one fail, they'd bail out another one, they'd let another one fail, back and forth. what's the policy? and so i think the crisis was terribly mishandled by secretary paulson is and the others involved in it. cheryl: i will say oneover the things, william, that he did do and, frankly, i've been on the air saying i thought it was the right move, letting lehman go, almost making that example of lehman brothers, putting the banks on notice, we're not going to be downtown at the new york fed negotiating last minute deals on sunday nights to save your behinds, basically. that was a pretty bold move by paulson. you wouldn't have done that same move that he made five years ago in. >> no, i think that when you're, when you have a crisis, the first obligation the government
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has is to calm the crisis, do whatever it takes to calm the crisis. and that's what we did in the 1980s. i would tell you, cheryl, the 1980s was far more threatening to the financial system and the economy than this episode in 2008. we actually had -- cheryl: really? >> -- some 3,000 banks and thrifts failed in the 1980s, including many of the largest banks in the country. nine out of the ten largest banks in texas, for example, failed. cheryl: well, wait, are we talking about the savings and loan crisis? you've got to forgive me, i was in high school. are you talking about the savings and loan crisis or just bank failures? banks fail every year. >> i'm talking about both. for example, continental illinois, the seventh largest bank in the country failed. nine out of the ten largest banks in the texas failed. regional banks all over the country were failing. seattle first, southeast bank shares, bank of boston -- not bank of boston, but bank of new england. and so we had major banks all
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over the country failing, but yet we were able to keep people calm, we did not have a crisis of confidence, we did not have a run on the system. and that's what was missing this time. they needed to do whatever it took to calm the system, and they didn't do it. they just went ad hoc solution after ad hoc solution, stirred things up. people lost confidence. now, i think that was a problem that, i mean, i think the bush administration, the secretary of the treasury in the bush administration mishandled this crisis. i also believe that once the obama administration came in, they did nothing to solve it. cheryl: right. >> pardon me? cheryl: it wasn't their plan. [laughter] i mean, this is paulson, this is paulson's craftmanship, and then he left. anyway, i do want to let the viewers know it's in paperback now, "senseless panic." it still resonates now. william, thank you very much. >> pleasure to be with you,
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cheryl. cheryl: more signs today, everybody, that the jobs picture may not be getting any brighter. a survey of u.s. ceos shows a drop in the number of big companies that plan to hire more workers. bad news, guys, sorry. only 29% of the business round table members plan to hire over the next six months, that's down from 36% in june. only 38% are optimistic about future sales and the overall u.s. economy, down from three-quarters in the last report. >> coming up on the willis report, a lockout of experienced nfl officials drawing huge attention, and now a pretty -- political issue? our own peter barnes is here with the latest. the gop says the race card has been thrown around entirely too much by dems lately. >> be they're going to put y'all back in capes. >> you'll hear from one woman never afraid to speak her mind. ann coulter on this matter later.
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cheryl: turns out that president obama and republican governor scott walker have at least one thing in common, their disdain for the nfl lockout. a firestorm erupting on twitter after the controversial call after replacement refs awarded a touchdown to the seahawks in the final play on sunday night, both obama and walker tweeting for the lockout to end, and the new
6:22 pm
jersey senate president says he's going to introduce legislation because of course that's what you do against replacement refs altogether. peter barnes joins me now, i hear there's an end in sight. >> reporter: yeah, possibly. the leader of the nfl referees' association says it looks -- let me get it right -- it sure looks good for a deal with nfl owners, telling "usa today" this afternoon that negotiators have narrowed their differences and both sides are committed to getting it done but that there's no deal right now. now, the nfl declined to comment on an espn report that the owners and refs are close to an agreement in principle and that they're close enough that they have discussed refs returning to the field this sunday. the lockout is becoming a political football for real. president obama tweeting that nfl fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs' longout is settled -- lockout is settled soon. republican governor of scott walker, as you mentioned -- of
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course, that's the home to the green bay packers that was on the receiving end, no pun intended, of that bad call sunday night against the seahawks -- said, quote: after catching a few hours of sleep, the packers' game is still just as painful. [laughter] cheryl: it is. it was like the call around the world. it was horrible. peter barnes, hopefully, we're going to get something happening. thank you very much. peter barnes live from washington. well, so is this slew of blown calls marking the start of regular season the new normal for the nfl? let's ask is daniel hanson for the american enterprise institute. i first have to go through the numbers, charlie gasparino and i were basically falling off our chairs. 7% salary increase in 2012 to $161,000. they made about $150,000 last year, and this is, by the way, a part-time job. this is by no means an annual salary. retirement contributions, severance, time off, first class travel. why? why, why, why turn this down?
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explain this to me. >> well, it seems like the refs are pushing because they really want to protect their own interests, and they have this opportunity to bargain with the league now. this deal will be in place for a long time, and, you know, for them it's a good deal. they sort of want to extend the good deal they have and keep up with the standard cost of living increases. cheryl: but do you think that the refs actually have a better argument now after what happened between the seahawks and the packers, a call that everybody on their television could see, but a replacement ref could not? do you think this helps their cause at all? >> it looks like the refs have certainly gaped a lot more -- gained a lot more bargaining power. what they've at least done is shown that it's really hard to find good labor, and to the extent that they are good labor, they can provide what the nfl needs. cheryl: what we have seen now is several fines being handed out to the teams, to coaches because of the mistreatment of the refs. granted, maybe some of it was, you know, deserved, but you look
6:25 pm
at the broncos' coach, the patriots' coach, they're getting fined for attacks on these guys. do you think this anger is misdirected? >> well, it seems interesting that, you know, there's a players' union that is checkively bargained for safety and a coaches' union, and the nfl has some sort of duty to fulfill their side of the bargain, and they failed by not providing the working conditions that these people have come to expect. it seems hypocritical for them to come out and say, well, you can't be upset about blown calls and missed reviews and all those things. cheryl: does it make sense to you that these guys have a union? does this really make sense at the end of the day? >> well, you know, whether the union's good or bad, the interesting thing is that the union is at least protected by u.s. law which says an employer has to provide a safe working environment, and if they don't provide a safe working environment -- which is really
6:26 pm
what the refs are there to do first and foremost, to keep the players safe -- then that union is empowered to watch over the resolution of that problem. and so far the coaches' and players' unions have held their tongues and not gotten involve with the this ref dispute. cheryl: you know, if you look at the amount of bets that were lost, especially on the packers' game, we're talking $150 million, granted some booking agencies are actually refunding because they say, look, the proof is what you saw on television. at the same time, though, do you this think that this is going to make the owners look bad because they're the ones that have so much of a financial stake in all this, they're the ones that are losing if their team loses based on a bad call? >> yeah. i think what're seeing now -- what we're seeing now is some tension among the owners because they realize they're damaging the nfl brand, and it's a brand that's been respected. it's roger goodell's first duty to protect the nfl shield, and he's not done a good job over the last few months, so i think the owners are starting to get a
6:27 pm
little more upset about that. the numbers aren't on the side here. viewership numbers are up, the nfl isn't hurting with respect to revenue because of this reffing issue yet. cheryl: yet, anyway. >> that's right. cheryl: daniel, thank you. we appreciate it. we want to know what you think about this: what does washington care more about, the economy or the nfl? log on to gerri weave -- we'll get you the results at the end of the show. coming up, can women have it all? we're going to have a list of women who say, yes, you can. plus, "mugged," we're going to hear from ann coulter. no doubt she will have plenty to say, here she comes. ♪
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cheryl: the race card. to matter how advanced we get as a society, it seemed to always be at the forefront. >> when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. when you don't vote, you let another assault wound a brother or sister. >> they're going to put y'all back in chains. >> i think that they played the race card on me. >> they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. >> you think fighting of dogs and water holes was bad, let the right-wing republicans take control. cheryl: my next guest says this is an age-old ploy by the left to snare the black community. joining me now, bestselling author ann coulter with her latest book, "mugged." nice to see you, ann. >> nice to see you. cheryl: all right. so you say that, basically, the
6:32 pm
white liberals are the ones that are pushing this agenda, and they're wrong, and they're targeting the wrong groups. >> yes. and, i mean, they do have a lot to feel guilty for. it was liberal democrats that were the ones fighting civil rights for 100 years after the civil war in addition to fighting the civil war. and they just write these revisionist histories and then play act themselves being civil rights champions. um, i mean, the quote from bill clinton. on his first inaugural as governor, he was embracing orville -- [inaudible] who stood in the schoolhouse during little rock. democrat bill clinton invites democrat segregationist jay william full bright to the white house to give him the medal of freedom in which he cites fulbright, you know, he teaches us that the russians are people too. but fulbright didn't ever see that black americans were people, too, since he signed the southern manifesto, voted against the '64 civil rights
6:33 pm
act. cheryl: you really in the book go after politicians, and you say they have used the black community to their own benefit. >> oh, yes. cheryl: give me some specific examples. >> well, that's the funny thing. while being pompous and engaging in this moral training as if they are the champions of black people, they dropped the blacks after five minutes and started using the concept of civil rights to promote the cause they really care about which are rights for the homeless, abortion, gay marriage, and now the most liberal national health care, the most liberal president we've ever had. they did it in 2008. obama got more of the white vote in 2008 so, unfortunately, many, um, white voters are capable of being now-nowed on race still. more whites voted for obama than voted for any democratic president since jimmy carter, and they're trying to do it again. everything has suddenly become racist when republicans have never been racist, they are not racist historically.
6:34 pm
you know, msnbc are the ones introducing black guests and using the name of a different black person. be that happened at -- if that happened at fox, they'd pull the power. [laughter] cheryl: you talk about white guilt. you go back to the o.j. simpson trial, and you say that was the real turning point in america for many americans to get over white guilt. >> yes, yes! o.j. was better for race relations than obama has been. that was the moment white america said, that's it, we've shut down the white guilt bank, and it was the best thing that ever happened. you didn't have liberals patronizing blacks anymore, suddenly republican policies on crime and welfare were able to go into effect to the great benefit of the black community, saving tens of thousands of lives, and then obama comes along, and white liberals see the opportunity to get a left-wing president in office by calling a vote against him
6:35 pm
racist. cheryl: you also say during obama's presidency, utter incompetent papered over with appeals to white guilt. going to inspire the greatest racial guilt mongering of all times. you say this is still happening even in 2012, even after four years of having an african-american president. >> oh, yes, it's bigger and nastier and more idiotic than ever which is why i rushed this book out. there are a few typos in it. [laughter] no more than a news article. but because we rushed et out because i figured, look, this guy can't run on his record. it's going to be solid racial demagoguery this fall, and about two weeks before the book came out, it started during the republican national convention. cheryl: do you think there's reverse racism in this country at this point? >> um, there may be. i mean, the thing about this book is i don't really write very much about black people other than al sharpton manages to pop up now and then in the
6:36 pm
book, but it really is a book about white liberals and how they have made everyone crazy and done nothing to help the black community and actually have made things so much worse. and we have this freedom after the o.j. verdict, and thousand it's gone now, it's gone. now people are back to walking on egg shells, liberals are oohing and ahhing over everything a black person does. i do not think -- i reviewed a lot of this writing "treason," i do not think when jimmy carter -- not as incompetent a president as obama -- ran for re-election in 1980, i don't think he was protected as much as barack obama is being this campaign season. cheryl: interesting we're still talking about this so many years later after the civil rights movement. ann coulter, thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: good luck on the book, "mugged" by ann coulter. imf's head christine lagarde saying you cannot have it all at the same time. well, turns out some women can really have it all. you may just need a lot of money
6:37 pm
to make that happen. in tonight's top five, the highest-paid celebrity moms. number five, music superstar beyonce brought in $40 million last year along with her husband's $38 million. number four, supermodel giselle bundchen with quarterback husband tom brady only earned $30 million. number three, jennifer lopez, her rank might slip next year now that she's no longer earning $20 million from "american idol." number two, bethany frankel took in $55 million last year thanks to her numerous reality shows and skinny girl brand of drinks. now she has a new talk show. and the number one highest-paid celebrity mother, here's a hint. ♪ >> britney spears made $58 million last year, and she's now judging "the x factor."
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still to come -- britney spears. a down day in the markets thanks to protests overseas, and next the presidents of egypt and iran take the floor at the u.n. how obama is campaigning instead of leading, next. ♪
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cheryl: president obama hitting the campaign trail while iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad hits the u.s. in his united nations speech and calls for a new world order. with more on this, john pollton, fox news contributor. anything he said surprise you? >> no. it's a way for him to put iran's case on its nuclear weapons program, its support for the assad regime in syria, its support for terrorism around the world in a context that a great majority of the members of the u.n. can relate to. a few months ago iran was named president of the so-called nonalign movement, 1230 out of 190-plus u.n. members, and that's the audience he was playing to. cheryl: you know, if you look at president obama's, you know, time in new york, i mean, he's been criticized for doing talk
6:43 pm
shows, but at the same time, do you think that ahmadinejad kind of stole the thunder as he always does? i mean, we're talking about it. he's got his sound bites playing all over the newscasts across the nation. why are we still paying attention to this guy? >> this is his swan song. it's his last speech as president of iran because there'll be elections next year. and in many respects, having an outspoken leader like ahmadinejad helps keep the nuclear program front and center for people. the criticism he paces in iran -- he faces in iran is that he should keep his mouth shut, proceed and don't draw so much attention. cheryl: you know, he called for a new world order in his united nations speech. i want to play this and get your reaction. >> translator: the current abysmal situation of the world and the bitter incidents of history are due mainly to the wrong management of the world and the self-proclaimed centers of power who have entrusted
6:44 pm
themselves to the devil. there is no doubt that the world is in need of a new order and a fresh way of thinking. cheryl: you know, i asked you about the new order question, john, but i was curious, do you think he really means what he is saying, or do you think he's a mouthpiece for the eye ayatolla? >> well, that's an important point, and the answer is, he's a mouthpiece. he has drawn a lot of attention during his eight years as president of iran, but he is not the center of authority. it is the ayatollah khamenei, the religious leaders and the iranian revolutionary guards corps which controls the nuclear weapons program. so when ahmadinejad disappears -- although he's fodder for us to talk about -- it's not going to change the policies of the regime. cheryl: i want to switch over to libya for just a moment. after losing chris stevens and the other americans there, there's a lot of pressure, a lot of people are pressuring susan rice to make more of a comment on the attack in the libya, frankly, they want her to backtrack her comments on the
6:45 pm
sunday morning talk shows when she said, oh, this was spore rad dick. you know, what should she do? what would you advise her to do? >> my guess is she was told to take one for the team, and they gave her this line, and she went out and peddled it on five sunday morning shows. she had no, no basis for any independent knowledge of what happened in libya. but i think, really, the problem is the administration's. it was an ideological response, they didn't want to admit that we had problems with al-qaeda still in libya, and now they're going to pay a price in terms of their credibility. i think if this gets investigated more thoroughly, it'll have an election impact. cheryl: once his diary came out, i think that's where -- >> yeah. they had no answer for that, basically. cheryl: ambassador john bolton, thank you. nice to see you, as always. still to come, my two cents more on the u.n. meetings right here in new york city, and greece erupting into violence months after a new government was just formed, so how will the
6:46 pm
ongoing troubles overseas impact you and your money? we're talking about it next. cheryl: violent protests erupt? madrid and athens, up next why that's impacting the markets here at home and, also, what you can do about it.
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cheryl: more web sites are facing service issues. last week bank of america and chase bank were victims of cyber attacks, today you can add wells fargo, u.s. bank corp. and pnc to that list. customers are having difficulty accessing their online banking services. the attacks came after a posting on the internet yesterday calling for cyber attacks this week against the banks. the person who posted the message said the attacks will continue until the anti-islam
6:50 pm
video is taken offline. all right, everybody, investors are on edge following a day of violet austerity protests in spain and greece. the bank of spain warning today that the country is in, quote, a deep recession. the situation in athens is not much better, it's clear the region still has a long way to go to resolve financial issues, and that has taken a toll on markets here at home. all three major indices in the red, the s&p 500 closing lower for the fifth consecutive day, the longest losing streak since the month of july. jared levy is here. you know, jared, i have to say, you know, certainly u.s. investors have fatigue, but you say that we cannot ignore what we are seeing on our television screens right now. >> yeah. i think there's two parts to this, right? first of all, europe, i think, is more headline risk. in other words, folks watching it are in a panic, they don't know how things are going to end up, but when you think about it, right? smart money knew that this money from the ecb wasn't going to
6:51 pm
come free. you've got 17 different nations that have to make fiscal adjustments? this isn't like the united states. you're talking about multiple governments that have to make adjustments to get that money, that's big tax cuts -- sorry, big tax increases, spending cuts, major, major changes for countries that don't want to do it like greece. so i think the bottom line is, listen, headline risk is going to continue, i think it gets worse. i think greece will leave the union. i think where we need to really look is china. i think the quietness in china, the deterioration that's slowly happening is way more of a risk than a deterioration in europe. cheryl: why do you say that? china still has an 8% growth rate, i mean, the poor chinese. i mean, come on. [laughter] that's great! >> i mean, again, okay, price talks, right? they can quote all the gdp numbers they want, but price talks. when you see steel dropping, markets dropping, three-year lows, you can give those gdp numbers out, i just don't buy it. cheryl: all right. you wouldn't be the first one, i
6:52 pm
think i've made that comment before. [laughter] one of the things i would also ask you about is it sounds to me you're also concerned about maybe the u.s. economy, the u.s. markets because of the fiscal cliff and other issues going the same way of greece and spain. do you still think that is a possibility? because it looks like the u.s. economy in small increments has been getting better. >> it is. but you've got to think about it logically, right? so the s&p 500 stocks, they're up 26% from where they were last year, right? now, here's where it gets interesting. this quarter, q3, analysts are expecting a 2.7% drop in earnings, but yet the market's march higher. i'm okay with this quarter, actually, i'm kind of okay with it. i think the economy's still a little bit in stall speed. here's why i have a problem. i have a problem in q4, analysts are expecting a jump of 9.5%, and in 2013 another jump of 13% over 2012. how are we going to get there? i don't see the catalysts, the real catalysts for this sort of
6:53 pm
growth. and here's why. margins are at an all-time high. companies can keep cutting costs, right? you can let go of employees, you can make your processes more cheap, but you get to a point like right now where profit margins are at an all-time high -- cheryl: jared, i would argue with you that consumer confidence is going to help us get out. we are seeing ticks higher in consumer confidence, the wealth in people's moments, you know, if my homes, my perceived -- in my mind, if my home is worth more, i'm going to let go of my pursestrings. we do know people have been socking away cash because they're freaked out. you don't think that's playing into this just a little bit? >> it does. now, here's a question for you. as a business owner, you're thinking differently than someone who's going to buy a new tv. if you're thinking about starting a new business, you're going to be more ap rehence e than -- apprehensive than the normal consumer. yeah, we've got savings socked
6:54 pm
away, but do small business owners and perhaps large and medium business owners, do they have the confidence to take it to their next step? cheryl: jared, no, that's a very, very fair point. thank you, jared levy, go to to talk to you again. >> thanks, cheryl. cheryl: we're going to be back with my two cents more and our answer to the question of the day can, what does washington care more about, the economy or the nfl? ♪ [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start.
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possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. cheryl: democrats and republicans do agree on something. unfortunately, what they agree on is the need to end the nfl ref strike. politicians in washington care more about the economy or football? here's what some of you posted on facebook. the idiots in washington care about anything that distracts the american public from the
6:58 pm
troubles we face. gary agrees saying they care about anything more than the economy. where are they now? vacation, "the view." 5% of you said the economy and 95% said the nfl. timely tonight, since the forest attack in libya took the lives of four americans like the ambassador, they took a turn. the economy is making headlines, foreign policy took center stage. no more so than this week with the u.n. assembly meeting. the death of bin laden is a campaign slogan, the obama team seems to think they have the republican candidates lacking. i find that hard to believe that the president, leader of the free world, talks to goldberg than benjamin netanyahu. david letterman over morsi. yesterday, one of the guests pointed out the two men will not vote in november, but those who
6:59 pm
did, could see through the campaigner-in-chief. understanding campaigning is part of the process, but worry more about doing the job if he wants to keep his job. well, that's my two cents more. that's all for continue's "willis report," and i'm cheryl casone in for gerri willis. thanks, everybody, for joining me and have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, i'm lucina santiago. president-- i'm lou dobbs. president obama and mitt romney campaigning today, and both candidates on the attack. with 4 # 1 days to go until the election, new polls show the president with a commanding lead in the key swing state of hoed showing the president with a 10-point lead on governor romney extending a six point lead from the same pole a month ago, and president obama


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